About Us

The Centre for Constitutionalism and Demilitarization (CENCOD) was established on December 5, 1998. It was informed by the

prospects of democratic recovery after a protracted military rule in Nigeria. Increasing social tension in the policy manifest in communal

clashes; the distorted process of constitution-making and the deconstruction of the civil society by its subjugation to models of military

governance characterized that era. At the time of its formation, virtually all the existing organs of the civil society have not been

refocused in this direction, hence the coming on board of CENCOD to articulate a comprehensive response to the then emerging

scenario. CENCOD incorporated officially in 2002 by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria has the following objectives, and has formally applied for CMD

accreditation in 2008.

Objectives of cencod

To creatively promote constitutional development as recipes for social disharmony, crisis of nationhood and the failed state.

To foster the growth of democratic values and their consolidation in the polity.

To seek and encourage peaceful, fair and democratic resolution of conflicts.

To foster a consciousness of mutual respect and cohabitation in the realm of ideas and social intercourse.

To promote a crisis-free environment for sustainable development.

To promote political education of the armed section of the society for the purpose of respect and protection of the constitution.

To promote environmental equilibrium and sustainable development.